Worldwide secure and easy payments with your Fortress Card

The Fortress Card is a Prepaid MasterCard®. It has all the advantages of a regular MasterCard, but you load the funds yourself beforehand onto your Fortress Card. Because of this you can only spend what you load.
With the Fortress Card Prepaid MasterCard you can make payments at 35 million locations worldwide and withdraw cash at 2.1 million ATM's. You can also safely make purchases online with your personal Fortress Card. So you can use Fortress Card to book airline tickets online and reserve a hotel room.
The Fortress Card Prepaid MasterCard is supplied with the new Chip and Pin code. This means you can also pay smaller amounts with a prepaid card at a.o.: manned petrol stations, train stations and cinemas.


How does it work?

Fortress Card is a prepaid MasterCard®. This means you use your Fortress Card like a regular MasterCard, but you load your card beforehand. It comes with no line of credit so you can only spend what you load.
In your personal online MyDB account you can easily (re)load your Fortress Card. You can do so where and whenever you want. You can load your Fortress Card with iDeal, bank transfer or by credit/debit card. You can even load your card with cash money.
Use it worldwide
After you have loaded your Fortress Card you can use it to comfortably pay around the world, also online. Fortress Card is accepted where MasterCard is accepted. That is over 35 million locations worldwide! You can also withdraw cash at over 2.1 million ATM machines.*
Fortress Card offers you an easy and secure way to pay. Fortress Card is not associated with your bank account. This way you minimise the risk of fraud. Your Fortress Card is protected with Chip and PIN technology. Online you pay using your security code and card details.
*Merchants reserve the right to distinguish between normal credit cards and prepaid credit cards. So keep in mind that your Fortress Card, in a singe case, could not be accepted. For example your card is not accepted at unmanned gasstations or toll booths. In addition not all car rental companys accept prepaid creditcards.