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Fortress Investments

Investments for future is rarely an all-or-nothing decision, where one day you are collecting a salary and the next your pension. You may have an existing pension plan, like company or a personal. Perhaps you’re just starting to save, and are approaching retirement or maybe have already retired.
Whatever you want to do, understanding how to build up enough savings, be it for everyday life or your retirement; Fortress Bank I.B.U. Ltd. helps you achieve your future goals. Retirement may seem some way off, but in financial terms delaying the planning process could have considerable affect on your future standard of living.
We can work with you to help select the most suitable form of investment strategies applicable to your particular situation, and recommend the best possible strategy for you! We can also advise on what steps you should take to keep your investment portfolio up-to-date by creating a retirement plan that’s tailor-made for you.

Offshore Investments

For the appropriate investor looking to achieve capital security, growth or income, there are a number of advantages to investing offshore, particularly with regards to utilizing the tax deferral benefits. You can defer paying tax for the lifetime of the investment, so your investment rolls up without tax being deducted, but you still have to pay tax at your highest rate when you cash the investment in. As a result, with careful planning, a variety of savers could put offshore investments to good use.
Fortress Bank I.B.U. Ltd. can add greater diversification to your existing investment portfolio. Cash can be held offshore in deposit accounts, providing you with the choice about when you repatriate your money, perhaps to add to a retirement fund or to gift to children or grandchildren. Those who work overseas or have moved abroad to enjoy a different lifestyle often want to pay as little tax as is legally possible.
Many offshore funds offer tax deferral. The different types of investment vehicles available offshore include offshore bonds that allow the investor to defer tax within the policy until benefits are taken, rather than be subject to a basic rate tax liability within the underlying funds. This means that, if you are a higher rate tax payer in your country, you could wait until your tax status changes before bringing your funds (and the gains) back home. Even better, with Fortress Bank I.B.U. Ltd. you do not even have to wait for he change in your tax status; use your money in your home country.

Investment For Income

If you are an income-seeking saver in search of good returns from your savings in this low interest rate environment, we can provide you with the professional advice you need to enable you to consider all the options available. In addition, we can help you determine what levels of income you may need and work with you to review as your requirements change. Another major consideration is your attitude towards risk for return and availability. This will determine which asset class you are comfortable investing in.
Cash, especially in the current climate, is an important element for any income investor. One option you may wish to discuss with us is cash funds, also known as ‘money market’ portfolios. These use the pooled savings of many investors to benefit from higher rates not available to individuals. They can invest in the most liquid, high-quality cash deposits and ‘near-cash’ instruments such as bonds. But, unlike a normal deposit account, the value of a cash fund can fall as well as rise, although in theory, at least, it should not experience volatile swings.
Bonds are a form of debt, an ‘IOU’ issued by either governments or firms looking to raise capital. As an investor, when you purchase a bond you are essentially lending the money to the government or company for a set period of time, which varies according to the issuer. In return you will receive interest, typically paid twice a year, and when the bond reaches maturity you usually get back your initial investment. But you don’t have to keep a bond until maturity. You can, if you wish, sell it on.
Fortress Bank I.B.U. Ltd. invests in equities for the purpose of obtaining a better income via an equity income fund. Our fund managers running the portfolio select a wide range of equities, so you are less reliant on the performance of any-one particular company, and will look to select companies that pay regular dividends.

Investment Bonds

An investment bond is a single premium life insurance policy and is a potentially tax-efficient way of holding a range of investment funds in one place. They can be a good way of allowing you to invest in a mixture of investment funds that are managed by professional investment managers.
Each bond is usually designed to provide benefits for different types of investors but a common element is that they aim to produce long term capital growth and/or generate a long-term return. When you invest in a bond you will be allocated a certain number of units in the funds of your choice or those set out by the conditions of the bond.
Each fund invests in a range of assets and the price of your units will normally rise and fall in line with the value of these assets. Investment bonds are single premium life insurance policies, meaning that a small element of life insurance is provided.